About DHS Systems Products

DHS Systems LLC offers a range of products designed to meet its equally diverse customer base.  

The company’s most prominent product is the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, more commonly known as DRASH™. DRASH™ is a quick erect/strike soft-walled shelter system that has been deployed by armed forces around the world, as well as numerous government and civilian organizations.
The DRASH™ brand also includes a line of shelter accessories, including lighting, power, heating and cooling units and command and control equipment.
In 2005, DHS Systems acquired the Reeves™ EMS brand of emergency response products. The brand includes patient movement equipment, decontamination systems and accessories and gear bags.
Since acquiring the brand, DHS has also incorporated its line of DRASH™ shelters to form a unique line of “turn-key” shelter systems designed for various emergency response operations, such as incident command, hospital surge and fatality management.
Many of the company’s products are available to customers outside of the United States through sister company DHS Systems International. The company, whose headquarters are located in Hereford, England, serves customers stretching across the globe, including those located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.